[News] CUTSA x OUTSA welcome party aftermath…

October 2, 2007 at 4:14 am | Posted in Old Archives | 1 Comment

On Saturday, Sept. 29th 2007 a kickass party was reported to the Ottawa police… NOT

CUTSA x OUTSA co-op welcome was a great success, thanks to all the staffs, sponsors, volunteers, and nevertheless, our members with pure-awsome Taiwanese pride!! w00t!! w00t!!



 *cough**cough* Anyways here are some pictures taken by some none-pro, not trained photographers (but I sure bet they went all out with their sincere heart!), so please forgive the low resolution or the bad angles, thx.ENJOY.

Salute to da flag! 

Uh…. we didn’t just start eating, I swear. 

Name bingo… T_T forgot to ask this girl’s e-mail… lol 

Very fobby, Irin, very fobby… (jk… don’t kill me 

Doesn’t she looks like some kind of revolution leader? Seig heil Connie! 

Naming PK match. 

Look at those smiles…  

HA UR ON OUR SIDE NOW BITCH! (he didn’t say that…

I don’t think pointing help but… 

Watch where your hand is guy… 

Appearently Cliff is da HOTTEST guy… just look at all those tags he got from the girls…(and guys… 

 Staff chills and hang around after you guys left… I’m not there though.


See ya all in more of  our upcoming events!


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  1. Great captions and narrations done with a bit of naughtiness and flair.
    Irin is very fobby? I lol’ed.
    Keep up the great work

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