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卡爾頓大學台灣同學會,英文全名 Carleton University Taiwanese Student Association, 成立於 1996 年。在成立的12年當中,同學會提供給在渥太華讀書的台灣及其他國籍學生許多生活和學習上的幫助與支持。 在停了一年後又在次開始運作的同學會就是為了讓在卡爾頓大學讀書的同學們能有個交流的空間。同學會能有今天的成就完全依靠社會各界,台灣經濟文化辦事處,還有會員的幫忙和支持。本會的幹部們會全心全力的為我們的會員提供所需的幫助。同時,也希望各位會員能給予本會有利的意見。


Carleton University Taiwanese Student Association is a student association aimed at facilitating the social networking of the Taiwanese student body both in and outside of Carleton University . This is to alleviate the transitional process that many first and second year students are going through as well as ensure the upper third and fourth year students an opportunity to network themselves for the hopes of future work opportunities, friendship as well as for their own personal interests.

Carleton University Taiwanese Student Association was founded in 1996. In the past 12 years, the Student Association was able to provide its members help and support to enhance their education and entertainment experience in Ottawa. The association revive after one year of inactivity to provide the students in Carleton a warm community once again. The success of the Student Association comes from various groups and organizations such as Taipei Economic and Culture Office. More importantly, our success come from the help and support of our members. We will put our heart and soul to provide the help our members need. At the same time, we would like to ask our members to help us improve by provide us with valuable suggestions.

Our list of activities will consist mostly of social events aimed at promoting the Taiwanese culture; including festivities that are native to Taiwan. We will host events with Ottawa Taiwanese Student Association(OTSA) to help the interaction of the students from University of Ottawa and Carleton University. We, the executives of CUTSA thank OTSA for the opportunity to work together. We hope we can provide more valuable resources to our members this way.


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