[News]ACSA x CUTSA Clubbing Night at ELEMENT!

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ICED OUT – School Girls Edition

Start Time:

Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 10:00pm

End Time:

Sunday, December 2, 2007 at 3:00am




380 Elgin st.


Ottawa, ON

This is it people! This is the party you’ve all been waiting for.

We’ gonna have the biggest party of the year to end the fall semester and get ready for the winter break!

Be there, you don’t wanna miss it.

What you  pay is $5 for Advance ticket and $7 at Door and what you get is ear-raping music and ”                ” (censored), you know this is going to be HUGE! so invite those you want to ”         “(censored) with and PARTY HARD! btw, those who dresses up as school gals gets free cover!

*Tickets will go on sale all week, @ Carleton’s Unicenter Atrium, starting Monday at 12pm


Here is the contact informaiton: (taken off due to request)




[News]Bowling Event hosted by CUTSA

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CUTSA will be holding a bowling event on the 30th, hope you guys show up and have some fun!! Here are the detail information:

Where: 175 McArthur, Vanier, Ontario (We will arrange for a group to meet up at Residence Commons to take the #7 bus down there together at 3:20pm)

When: Friday November 30th, 2007 From 4:00pm until 6:00pm

What: Bowling (10-pin)

Cost: $7 for TSA members, $9 for non-members (includes 2 games and shoe rental)

We will have a TSA booth set up at the Unicenter Atrium this Thursday (Nov 22nd) from 12pm until 5pm to sell the tickets and recruit new members at the same time.  However if you cannot make it on Thursday, we will still be available at the Atrium on Friday (Nov 23rd) from 3:30pm until 5:00pm.  And if those two days aren’t suitable for you, or if you have any other questions, feel free to give our event director a call before 5pm, Friday (Nov 23rd) to arrange for a different time to get your ticket!  Our event director, Kelly’s number is 613-852-9789.

 iNvok`X: So go get your tickets fast people! We’ll see you at bowling! GAME ON.

Please don’t dress like this to our event…. lol

[News]International Potluck at Carleton University

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Taiwanese Students Association will be taking part in an International Potluck held by the ISSO (International Student Services Office) which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, November 14th from 12:00 until 15:30 in the Unicentre.  We will have a booth set-up with some Taiwanese food, and several other student clubs will be involved in this event as well, so feel free to drop by for some free snacks!


You know you have to have some REAL Taiwanese cuisine, come join us and fill yourself with goodies!

[News] Movie Night at OU

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The following content is directly copy and pasted from OUTSA’s website 


台北經濟文化代表處與加拿大電影協會(Canadian Film Institute) 謹訂於117日晚間7時正假國家資料圖書館(395, rue Wellington Street, Auditorium, National Library and Archives of Canada) 合辦台灣電影欣賞會,將播映:

黑眼圈  ( 片長118分,2006威尼斯影展、多倫多影展參展入圍影片。國際知名導演蔡明亮的最新力作,李康生、陳湘琪等人主演,本片主要描述人在異鄉產生感情交流的故事,流浪漢小康在吉隆坡街頭閒逛,因語言不通被痛毆,幸賴一群外勞搭救,其中一名叫拉旺的,細心照顧小康而產生一種難得的安定及幸福感,另方面茶室女傭琪琪也在街上遇見小康,對他產生一股渴望的情愫,而小康周旋在拉旺和琪琪之間,這些情慾男女和一張破舊的床褥,在濃烈的煙霧裡糾、迷失,同時相濡以沫…)




7 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007


Auditorium, Library and Archives Canada

(395, rue Wellington Street, Ottawa)

Director: Tsai Ming-liang (2006, 118 minutes)

Cast: Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-Chyi, Norman Atun

Homeless on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Hsiao Kang is robbed, beaten and left for dead; he is found and nursed by Rawang, an immigrant worker, who lives in the shell of a modernist building abandoned during construction. Rawang’s feelings for his patient may or may not be sexual, but there’s definitely something like lust in the eyes of Chyi, a waitress in a run-down old coffee shop, when they light upon the recovering Hsiao Kang.  And so a triangle forms as a blanket of noxious fog settles on the city and everyone has trouble breathing. Simulateously erotic and comical, the film underpins Tsai’s deadpan allegory with hints of social realism. 

( Free Admission, with English Subtitle )

Presented by Canadian Film Institute, in collaboration with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Canada

Info: www.cfi-icf.ca (613-232-6727)

[News]Movie night: Taiwanese Cultural Movies.

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Two nights of movie, and FREE food!

Movie nights would be held in Carleton at St. Patricks 100 on Oct. 22nd 3:30 – 7:30 and Oct. 26 3:00 – 6:00.

Monday’s movies:

1) Taiwan Where Mountains Meet the Sea (15 min.)
2) Cafe Lumiere (2003, 103 min.)


Friday’s movies:

1) Taiwan’s Festival’s, Links with the Past, Bridges to the Future. (28 min.)
2) Murmur of Youth (1997, 104 min)

iNvok`X: I don’t know, why can’t us pick the movies… looking at this I rather watch “好人orz”








[News] CUTSA x OUTSA welcome party aftermath…

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On Saturday, Sept. 29th 2007 a kickass party was reported to the Ottawa police… NOT

CUTSA x OUTSA co-op welcome was a great success, thanks to all the staffs, sponsors, volunteers, and nevertheless, our members with pure-awsome Taiwanese pride!! w00t!! w00t!!



 *cough**cough* Anyways here are some pictures taken by some none-pro, not trained photographers (but I sure bet they went all out with their sincere heart!), so please forgive the low resolution or the bad angles, thx.ENJOY.

Salute to da flag! 

Uh…. we didn’t just start eating, I swear. 

Name bingo… T_T forgot to ask this girl’s e-mail… lol 

Very fobby, Irin, very fobby… (jk… don’t kill me 

Doesn’t she looks like some kind of revolution leader? Seig heil Connie! 

Naming PK match. 

Look at those smiles…  

HA UR ON OUR SIDE NOW BITCH! (he didn’t say that…

I don’t think pointing help but… 

Watch where your hand is guy… 

Appearently Cliff is da HOTTEST guy… just look at all those tags he got from the girls…(and guys… 

 Staff chills and hang around after you guys left… I’m not there though.


See ya all in more of  our upcoming events!

[News]CUTSA x OTSA welcome party

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There will be a welcome party on Saturday, Sept. 29th 2007 from 1700 – 2100; this party will be held in Morriset room 212 in the Ottawa University library.

 This party is directed to both old and new CUTSA members and their associates. Food will be provided on site, along with some ice-breaking games, this party’s primary objective is to increase the interaction between OTSA and CUTSA members. It is crucial to maintain a positive relationship between CUTSA and OTSA members.

  Intel shows that the games that will be played might not be suitable for young children or big babies. “We’re hoping to create a warm and welcome partying environment that could be easier on those who are shy; it’s also a great way to meet someone who wants to make out with you, yeah.” official says. (Part of this sentence is censored.)


“DRINK M*********ER DRINK M*********ER DRINK M*********ER DRINK!!!” (part of this sentence is censored due to the request of our head, Irin)




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